About Us.

Cycling is the new personal expression opportunity of the decade!

"Hoxton Wheelers" offer the image concious Londoner a new style of "Cycling Club" aimed squarely at those of you that just love to be SEEN.......... Cycling.

Hoxton Wheelers "Members" tend to be creative free thinkers who simply refuse to conform to the traditional "Cyclist" stereotype,and are not blind to the unique opportunity to exercise and accessorise all in one that cycling offers.

If you come across any photos of someone who is clearly a "Member" or people you think should qualify as a "Member" just email us the picture we will put it into our "Members Rides" Gallery below .


Thursday, February 24, 2011

An OK first attempt!

Ya I just picked it up it ! and it goes perfectly with those new Westwood boots I bought!

Our "Young Fogies" Section head off to their "Club Cottage" on Hampstead Heath.

Gilbert & George take a break from having their bums pounded!

This is such an obvious improvement over rim brakes we cant think why we didnt think of it before!

A Fixie for a no Fixie?

ohhh suits you sir!

Nice bike mate.. Now about that look.

And who wouldnt like to Fixie her!

A contender for "Member" of the month?

The price Ashok paid for decending in Dolce and Gabbanna (But the Bolles's really have been done to death love!)

Astoria & Lou Lou at a "Cake Stop" Oooo We love those Bolle's

Serge Pre and Post? "Go girlfriend"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hoxton Wheelers welcome Real Fixie "Traditionalists"

Sometimes you just gotta have that cool retro jacket (even if you are wearing a HELMET)

Club nights can get a bit hectic

Fliss proving old choppers give great rides to!

Vino our Hoxton Road Warrier

Ohhh lookin back at cha fella!

Like all keen cyclists will tell you, "There is nothing to beat that first fag of the climb"

"Lookin good Billy Ray" "Feelling bloody uncomfortable Lewis"

Our thanks to Trading Places

Henrietta our Social Sec "monkying" about

Claude our head of admin & "Iron" Man of the Mountains