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Cycling is the new personal expression opportunity of the decade!

"Hoxton Wheelers" offer the image concious Londoner a new style of "Cycling Club" aimed squarely at those of you that just love to be SEEN.......... Cycling.

Hoxton Wheelers "Members" tend to be creative free thinkers who simply refuse to conform to the traditional "Cyclist" stereotype,and are not blind to the unique opportunity to exercise and accessorise all in one that cycling offers.

If you come across any photos of someone who is clearly a "Member" or people you think should qualify as a "Member" just email us the picture we will put it into our "Members Rides" Gallery below .


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Allegra poses with her Pashley as though shes allways ridden one!


  1. Wait a minute. This photograph was taken in Darlington. Surely that is quite a distance to cycle from Hoxton.

  2. Hi fan-DAN-go,
    Well spotted mate, but there are "members" on or near bikes all over the UK nowadays!Don't forget to mail in pictures of any others you may spot that you think could possible be a "member"

  3. campag.grandsport.doubleclanger@gmail.comApril 21, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    Pashley is that the name of a bike or some silly tart
    "Oh Harrold do you love me "
    "of course I do Pashley but please piss off now you silly tart, I'm watching that dumpy tart with the big tit's on the tv"

  4. Hi Campag (Still THE best kit in the world!)
    Pashley Cycles are England's longest established bicycle manufacturer. Founded in 1926 they make a wide range of bikes some of which have become beloved by those who see cycling as a chance to pose and good old Allegra did not dissapoint!


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