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Cycling is the new personal expression opportunity of the decade!

"Hoxton Wheelers" offer the image concious Londoner a new style of "Cycling Club" aimed squarely at those of you that just love to be SEEN.......... Cycling.

Hoxton Wheelers "Members" tend to be creative free thinkers who simply refuse to conform to the traditional "Cyclist" stereotype,and are not blind to the unique opportunity to exercise and accessorise all in one that cycling offers.

If you come across any photos of someone who is clearly a "Member" or people you think should qualify as a "Member" just email us the picture we will put it into our "Members Rides" Gallery below .


Monday, March 21, 2011

We belive we are the first cycling club in the UK to embrace the Hasidic Community

Young Yossi in his best shabbos suit, cuts a racy figure on his way back from the Brick Lane bagel bakery on this sweet retro ride.


  1. Check it out he's wearing SPDs on a supermarket bike! Oh wait no he isn't, his shoes just have velcro fastenings, I guess little Yankel can't tie his laces yet :S


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